Empower your football scouting with unbiased data-driven insights.

ScoutLab lets you quickly search for football players across select European divisions, highlighting similar players for comparison. ScoutLab is a data science experiment that takes an e-commerce approach to football scouting.

  • Recommendation Engine

    Take the assumptions out of scouting 
and let our recommendation engine find 
your next superstar.

  • Player Comparison

    See how players compare to fine-tune your search and find the optimal recruit.

  • Report Share

    Collaborate with your team by sharing player shortlists.

ScoutLab uses machine learning to match player profiles from across select European Football divisions

The recommendation system is built in Python and utilises a Collaborative Filtering algorithm (Alternating Least Squares). It is inspired by a paper on 'Large-scale Parallel Collaborative Filtering for the Netflix Prize'.

ScoutLab is an experiment by Ben and Steven at Frontier Labs. Frontier Labs design and build intelligent augmented systems that help people and businesses realise their potential.

If you’re interested to learn more about ScoutLab or how Frontier may help your business use data and design to innovate, please contact Frontier below.

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